Tesla Motors Meliora / Sergi Sauras

Tesla Motors Meliora / Sergi Sauras

Author : Sergi Sauras

Name of the project : Tesla Motors Meliora

Function : Car Dealership, Hotel and Restaurant in Detroit

Site Detroit, MI.

Year :2014

Name of the istitution or competition where the project was carried out: Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), STUDIO III, Savannah, USA

Brief description of the project :

The project includes two interventions, one tectonic, another stereotomic. The tectonic part is based on a semi-buried space while stereotomic is a term used to refer to the relativistic differentiation between minimal elements according to their relative stability characteristics.

We could actually talk about a third part of the building: the “void,” understanding it not just as a physical anecdote, but also a metaphoric space, poetry transformed into space, a concept displayed in architecture that embodies a great conceptual charge.

From : Barcelona

Mail: Sauras.Sergi@gmail.com

City and date of birth : Barcelona, 15-07-1992

Institutions or courses attended:

Escola Tècnica d’Arquitectura La Salle (ETSALS) 2010-2013, Barcelona, Catalunya

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) 2013-current, Savannah, Ga, USA

041 05 021 031