Short history of the kettle

Short history of the kettle

A kettle or teakettle is a type of pot, usually metallic, used for boiling water. A kettle can have many different shapes  but it usually presents a spout and a handle andit is meant to be placed on a cooking stove: on the other hand modern kettles do not need to be placed on fire, because they have a resistor within. Kettles have been used from ancient times and in every part of the world: for example, kettles are very important for japanese tea ceremonies and their shape is similar to a cauldron. We collected 16 examples, from 1885 Christopher Dresser’s copper kettle to 2014 Naoto Fukasawa’s kettle.


Short history of the kettle


1909 PB-05




1985 MG-04

1985 U-01