Self Analysis

Self Analysis

Author: Aluna Vita Yacoe

Function: Fashion Photography

Site location:

Year: Senior

Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design.

Brief description of the projectWithin these four years I have developed an aesthetic that pushes me, as the creator, to manipulate and alter my surroundings to convey the beauty that I do not naturally see within my world. Further I am searching for my ideals through the viewfinder of my camera. As a fashion photographer I have chosen a primarily “noir’ tradition in my work. I greatly admire and play with light and the line of a figure within a space of my choosing, to create what I perceive as beautiful.

In term of contemporary practice, I would like to think of my work as fine art, and in many cases I feel it is, but to be more realistic I would categorize my photography as commercial. What I intend to do is to collide these two worlds, so I can truly bring my work to its utmost potential.

Ideally I would like to be freelance, allowing myself the ability to work and accept jobs that would continue to strengthen my work and aesthetic, not only as a photographer but as an artist. I hope to continue within fashion, producing editorials and magazine spreads, and ultimately being viewed as a photographer who is able to collide the worlds of fine art, and commercial gracefully and beautifully. I feel thus far I have been producing work that

Nationality : Mixed American

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Cell 631-903-4170,

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Instgram _AVita_

City and date of birth : East Hampton, New York, 10/28/1993

Tutors: Kyle Ford, Tim Keating, Greg Ceo, Josh Jalbert.