Author: Oana Anghelache, Rob Moors, Guus Mostart, Eldin Fajkovic, Jaqueline Huang, Mick van Rooijen

Institution: Hyperbody Research Lab, Delft University of Technology
Function : Interactive arts installation
Site location: Hyperbody Protospace
TU Delft
Year : 2014

final prot 3

Final Prototype

process 1

Construction Phase

The installation is the result of a 2014 Hyperbody Msc 2 Studio entitled Inter-Performing Environments. The goal was to create an interactive object that could communicate with the users in real time. Reflectego aims to discuss the balance of physical and imagery components in our brain’s construction of reality. The view and experience that we hold of space and our position in it consist of both actual objects and altered descriptions that we interpret to represent reality. By visually distorting the spaces in our surroundings and by unexpected repositioning of the self in relation to the environment through movement, awareness of proprioceptive determination and our self-perception in the twilight of the physical and virtual world can be created. Our design derives from a kaleidoscopic composition of faceted mirrors. In a kaleidoscope, the constructed perceived image consists of actual physical objects and a multiplicity of their reflections. Through small movements of the objects, the constructed images change dramatically due to the amplification of change by visual multiplication of the movement. In our project, the user will become the physical object inside a kaleidoscope in which he sees his image scattered and recomposed as a result of his behaviour. The structure consists of a suspended faceted mirror-surface. It hovers and manoeuvres above as a response to user behaviour. The structure folds, flips and expands to create dynamic compositions of the real world objects by alternating angles of reflection. The user interacts with the structure as a piece of the puzzle whilst recomposing the total image. You can also look at the Reflectego development through these two videos: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2


TUDelft exposition


Museo Nacional del Prado Exposition

final prot_1

Final model

reflectego_metabody_exhibition madrid 1

Final model


Construction Phase Diagram


Construction Phase Diagram


Construction Phase Diagram


Construction process


Final presentation