Paula Sprenger is a Photographer from Santiago, Chile. She currently lives in Savannah where she is completing her B.F.A. in Film and Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Having traveled half way across the world she’s no stranger to adventure and risk. Her photographs reflect a watch maker’s attention to detail and a aptitude for capturing moments. For the past four years she has dedicated herself intensely to her craft with projects ranging from intimate portraiture to fashion to filming music videos for up and coming indie bands.

She’s been shooting since she was ten and she hasn’t stopped since. Having begun at such an early age, her photography reflects an ability to shift through the superfluous and shoot the essential with style and elegance. As her interests continue to grow and develop she says:

“I love every facet of photography. I just enjoy the rush of having captured real and natural. Those are the moments, the faces, and types of places I’m after.”


Author: Paula Sprenger

Nationality: Chilean

Contacts: http://www.paulasprenger.com/



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