POP-UP HOTEL REVOLUTION, the architectural innovation about to come in the hotel industry

POP-UP HOTEL REVOLUTION, the architectural innovation about to come in the hotel industry

– Author: Chiara Butta, Paola Zatti

 – Function : Book

– Site location: Milan

– Year : 2015

– Institution: Politecnico di Milano, Italy

– Brief description of the project:

In an era where nomadism is the keyword that relates people to the rest of the world, Architecture, as well as other disciplines, is seeking for a concrete response to the recent needs, result of the rise of mobility and worldwide travels. Just like people move, architecture moves.

However, even nowadays, the temporary aspect of modular constructions contributed to qualify them less than other constructions because of their cheap manufacture and precariousness. A critic to this common perception demonstrating its anachronistic position is brought about by the proposal of an innovative advanced modular system: the Pop-Up Hotel. It is a structure composed by modular room units produced in factory and then assembled directly on site, sharply reducing the time of site construction. These modules are designed to fit the dimensions of a truck, reason why they can be shipped to a new destination when the hotel changes location.

The research collected in this book investigates the innovative concept of the Pop-Up Hotel for hospitality use through the support of study cases that have been chosen according to their features in order to give a wider understanding of the current international background of modular systems. Due to the different natures these hotels have been divided in three macro groups: Settled Units, Nomadic Units and Yet to come. They all have strengths and weaknesses that can help to draw the specific development of the Pop-Up Hotels to come. A Pop-Up Hotel has been conceived as an efficient proposal for the EXPO that will be held in Milan in 2015 due to the lack of enough hospitality structures in the city. Given that the key point consists in considering all the life cycle of the building, what will happen next? Where will the Pop Up Hotel move after the EXPO? Is it worth investing in such an innovative project in the city of Milan during an event that will attract 21 million international visitors? The aim of this study is to demonstrate the architectural innovation and economical value of a new challenge where architecture seeks to keep up with its nomadic society.

– Nationality : Italian

– Contacts:

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 – City and date of birth : Milano 13/09/1989 , Pavia 12/05/1990

– Tutors: Prof. Joseph Di Pasquale

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