Otahuhu Portage Link Restoration

Otahuhu Portage Link Restoration

– Author:                    Jonathan Cristal

– Function :                Linear Park

– Site location:          Otahuh, Auckland, New Zealand

– Year :                       2015

– Institution:              Year 4 Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

– Brief description of the project

Over 1 000 000 people are expected to move, migrate and live in Auckland within the next 50 years. Aucklands city footprint is expanding at an exponential rate and slowly reaching its limits leaving the only option to build up rather than out. This leaves many to live in over populated places increasing the ratio or people to open spaces, degrading their quality of life. Our studio project asked for us to work with Auckland City Council and look onto Auckland city’s Southern Initiative Project and investigate many of South Aucklands older suburbs ‘greenways’ and ‘open spaces’ – how and what it could do to re-engage with soon to be over populated communites and their benefits to re-activate and maximize local and specific initiatives.
I Investigated the Otahuhu precinct and its disconnection of its residential dominated east side and economy driven west side caused by the State Highway which ran right through it. I proposed to reconnect the town through a coastal boardwalk that ran through the edge of Tamaki River, removing the mangroves and re-vegetating its sides to celebrate and restore the natural ecology and vistas the Otahuhu community once had. The boardwalk would then run over as a pedestrian bridge past the State Highway and continue all the way down to the portage link as a linear park. All with the use of different materials texture and contours to provide a more natural passage, environments and as well programs that fit right through and within the Otahuhu community.

Through my analysis and design of the boardwalk, I focused solely more into the redevelopment and restoration of the Old Portage Link, creating important connection – agents that related back to the community of Otahuhu. Perspectives show the re-envisioning of the Portage Link and materials, textures, contours and settings program how the linear park, or any other part of the boardwalk could affectively contribute to Otahuhu and Aucklands looking to restore its “thriving, safe” community.

– Contacts:                http://issuu.com/jonathancristal9 https://nz.linkedin.com/in/jonathancristal                                              jonathan.cristal@gmail.com

– City and date of birth : 17 Feb 1991

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