Nature’s Identity

Nature’s Identity

Author: Laura Ferastrau, Alina Stoian

Function : Urban planning

Site location: Braila, Romania

Year : 2013

Institution: IMUAU Bucharest, Faculty of Urban Planning

Brief description of the project:

The space is not plastic, static, positive, protuberant and it is never complete finite. It is moving linked to the  next space and the one that comes after it” (Marcel Breuer).

Drastic changes to the Danube’s natural flow and surrounding lands to control floods, generate power, facilitate agriculture and waterway transport have already destroyed over 80%  of the watershed’s valuable wetlands, floodplains and forests.

The chosen site for the project is located in Stăncuța, Brăila County, near the Danube’s floodplain area being a wetland of international interest (RAMSAR site) and also the last remained vestige of natural flooding regime on the lower course of the Danube River.

The main idea is to develop the eco-tourism and to re-focus on the need to find local identity, environmental conservation and to educate tourists on its protection, the awareness of the value of nature and local traditions – as a tool for local regeneration.

Located at the confluence between the natural and agricultural landscape, the new park is a vibrant area that celebrates the importance, necessity and beauty of wetlands.

The project attempts to reflect the actual problems of the Little Island of Brăila Natural Park in terms of flood resistance of the endogenous plants. The research will study the following habitats: 91E0 – Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior (Alno-Padion, Alnion incanae, Salicion albae) and 91F0 – Riparian mixed forest of Quercus robur, Ulmus laevis and Ulmus minor, Fraxinus excelsior or Fraxinus angustifolia along the great rivers (Ulmenion minoris).

The land proposed for modeling in order to achieve a clay chest, will be filled with water flooded on three levels – low, medium and advanced, allowing a flood management system like a natural one. Each area will exhibit exactly the type of habitat besides highlighting the pros and cons of each effects suffered by the simulated floods, and the beauty of nature and different environment – which will transpose and unique atmosphere for every visitor.

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Author :  Laura Ferastrau, Alina Stoian

Nationality : Romanian

Institutions or courses attended: IMUAU Bucharest, Faculty of Urban Planning