– Author: Roberto Maurizio Paura, Francesco Mammetti, Gilles Traditi

 – Function : anti-stess synthesizer

 – Year : 2012

 – Institution: Isia Roma Design, Samsung Young Design Award


– Brief description of the project:

At the base of design process for MoovBox user interface there’s Moog Modular use method, that consisted of two movements: press keyboard button with one hand, and use the other one to rotate the control knob to modify the note. So MooveBox is designed to make it easy, infact it is possible to modify a note just using one finger, pressing one of the seven knobs and rotating it. MoovBox’s body is also made of a flexible material, so it can be physically deformed, and every deformation will coincide to a sound distortion.

Gestures for music compositions are studied to minimize daily stress. Thanks to his universal “audio-sign” language, it is thought to be a device of “social meeting”, that allows a comprehensive comparison between all users that want to share their own creations and their own music culture. New and mixed tracks will be available on streaming for the users, which will have the chance to listen the tracks like from the radio. Or to modify those tracks again, in order to create new and unique pieces.

Our research has been focused on two products: Moog Modular and Sony Walkman. On one hand Moog with its multitude of sounds, makes every track something never heard before, something that goes beyond the conventional laws and standards of music; on the other hand Sony Walkman that created with music, the possibility to include individuals in a small private sphere even if embedded in a chaotic environment like the public transport. From these principles we began to develop our concept and the philosophy of MoovBox.

Our project is based on the interaction, we discussed a lot about which one was supposed be the shape that would enclose a guitar, a drums, a flute, a keyboard, or just an object to twist or bend, together. The final shape is the result of physical tests carried out in an attempt to reproduce various styles of composition into a single object that was a synthesis of these. The addition of rollers created many new possibilities because with just one finger you can play a note and change its turning just by rolling.

About the wireless connection between Moovbox and smartphones, we have hypothesized the use of Bluetooth 4.0. The body of the device is made largely of silicone and hosts: oscillator, gyroscope, accelerometer, and battery 300 mA rechargeable with a micro usb when connected to the PC. There are seven modulators, seven LEDs, seven buttons, three microphones and two soft touch buttons for recording the riff.


– Nationality : Italian

 – Contacts:

 MoovBox 2 MoovBox 3 MoovBox 4 MoovBox 5 MoovBox 6 MoovBox 7 MoovBox 8 MoovBox 9 MoovBox 10 MoovBox 11 MoovBox 12– Tutors: Carlo Di Pascasio, Mauro Palatucci