Market in Tres Torres, Barcelona

Market in Tres Torres, Barcelona

Author : Mercè Lorente

Sex : female

Nationality : spain


City and date of birth : Barcelona, 22-02-1991

Institutions or courses attended : ETSABarcelona, AHOslo

Name of the project : Market in Tres Torres, Barcelona

Function : Market

Site : Carrer dels Vergós 2, 08017 Barcelona

Year : 2013

Name of the istitution or competition where the project was carried out: ETSABarcelona, 5th year, Barcelona, Spain

Brief description of the project :

The market understood as a space of relationship in any community of people. A situation of exchange where people of the district can meet, talk and walk around. The project understands the market as an open and bright space, which allows them the activity caused not only for need, but also for pleasure.

The market is organized as a cloister around a courtyard.

The project grows from the ground as a concrete platform that contains all the services and supermarket. The wood deck is supported by this heavy base as a light structure that protects the user from the climate and its great height allows the inner space to enjoy constantly of natural light.