From a city of porcelain a future of innovation

From a city of porcelain a future of innovation

Delft and the TU Delft are two different things, different but inseparable. 

It is hard to imagine the reality of Delft without its abundance of students and its enormous campus on the South-Eastern side of the city.


TUDelft was founded in 1842 by King William II and, through its centenarian history, has become the largest technical university in the Netherlands with over 19000 students. It is a unique school, not only because of its ranking, amongst the best technical universities in the world, but mostly because of it’s composition.



The reality of Delft, a small city in the southern part of the country, is the perfect framework for such a large institution. This small context allowed for the growth of a composite campus within which its buildings range from aerospace engineering to industrial design, from maritime engineering to landscape architecture.


This wide range of technical faculties is contained within the surrounds of Delft which ensured a fertile ground for the development of one of the most inclusive student environments of the entire country. What makes Delft unique and competitive as an academic institution, is not only its usual mix of history, competence and innovation, but also the peculiarity of its location, its tangled relationship with the local environment and the great campus that, in size and in activity, doubles the city itself.


This number of 3NTA dedicated to TUDelft aims to show how architecture and design can find the perfect balance within a technical university of such. The pursuit of innovation and technological advancement is what an environment like such is able to offer; skillful design sensibility and theoretical survey is what both architecture and design are able to give back.


The projects collected aim to give a glimpse of this spectacular reality, encompassing ideas from a drone ambulance to an ego-city. TU Delft is a university with a tradition, aiming for change – from a city of porcelain to a future of innovation.