Author : Liviu Paicu

Sex : Male

Nationality : Dutch

City and date of birth: Born in Bucharest Romania

Institutions or courses attended : – TU Delft, Bachelor Architecture, Delft, The Netherlands, 2009-2014

Name of the project : F-ertebralis

Function : ex. “Street furniture” and “Street art”

Year :2013

Name of the istitution or competition where the project was carried out: Resysta and Sateliet Meubelen ( name of competition Collaboration-S ), Breda The Netherlands

Brief description of the project :

The idea of a flexible Resysta bench rose from one of the less strong characteristics of the material, namely its strength. If overloaded, the material starts to bend. At first glance the bench does not look different than anny ordinary bench. Nevertheless, sitting on the bench offers a relaxation feeling. The Resysta flexible beams bend in order to deliver a cushion like feeling and reinvent the sensation of seating on a “wooden” surface.

Links to videos or websites where your project is presented :

http://www.makeahybrid.org/2013/10/f-ertebralis/ (architecture blog)

http://www.liviupaicu.com/gallery/f-ertebralis/ (portfolio)


F-ertebralis_181 F-ertebralis_151 F-ertebralis_141-1024x682 F-ertebralis_131 F-ertebralis_041 F-ertebralis_24-1024x724 F-ertebralis_15-1024x724