Experiencing the boundary: Hammam in Istiklal Mahallesi / Guendalina Rocchi

Experiencing the boundary: Hammam in Istiklal Mahallesi / Guendalina Rocchi

Author: Guendalina Rocchi

Function : Hammam – Turkish bath

Site location: Istanbul – Istiklal Mahallesi

Year : 2014


Axonometric Drawing


Rendered Section

Institution: Delft University of Technology

In the Turkish tradition, the hammam represents one of the most important social spaces. It is the cradle of spiritual and physical purification, the place to be in contact with the body and the soul. It symbolizes the platform of social life, a gathering space where people could meet to relax, interact and celebrate special events of the community.

In order to highlight the duality between the individual and the collective experience generated by such a facility, this character has been enclosed and formalized in a gesture guiding the composition of the hammam.

The central wall, indeed, with its configuration, thickness and materialization, not only mediates the interaction between the outside and the inside but also the one between female and male users, ensuring the creation of a sequence of peculiar atmospheres, supported by the intricate play of openings and light. The arrangement of the different rooms follows the tradition, offering a progression of spaces with increasing temperatures.

Merging perfectly with the context but placed at a strategic point, the hammam becomes the prime focus of the community, violating its introvert character.

pianta piano1


muro centrale

Model section view


Model section view


Model within the context


Interior view


Interior view


Interior view

camera_13 - Copia

Interior view