Even Trek Concrete Rulers

Even Trek Concrete Rulers

– Author: Eve Nnaji and Trent Kelley

– Function: Design tools

– Site location: Your desk

– Year: 2015

– Institution: Texas A&M University

– Brief description of the project:

“We design beautiful things, so why don’t we design with beautiful things?”
As architecture students we often spend a fortune on design tools; t-squares, blades, paper, rulers, and everything else our professors insist we purchase. We never seem to complain about the price of personal tools, because, let’s face it, we secretly love having a collection of hammers and chisels all over our desk. One thing that became apparently odd to us was the fact that all of these tools were made by companies that value the production over the design. After looking through several websites of these companies, this principle appeared to be the general trend. “So, what if?”

What if the tools we design with were just as beautifully worthy as the designs themselves?

Our answer: “That’d be pretty cool, we should do it.”

We decided to chose a simple tool we all use, one we could prototype by the mass inexpensively, one that could challenge our craft, and one that we could have fun designing. We chose the ruler. Our next step was to answer what exactly we wanted to say with this ruler. We wanted to glorify the ruler, as it is one of the principle tools of design. Why not make it out of a material we glorify as designers, concrete.  After several trials, errors, and successes, we were able to release our first concrete ruler, The Napoleon. The rest followed, The Abraham Lincoln, The JFK, The Khafra.  As you can see, we named the rulers after rulers.

– Nationality: United States

– Contacts: eventrekdesign.com

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