Bye bye Barcelona

Bye bye Barcelona

Our first rotating editor took place in Barcelona.

One month of articles, projects, thoughts, ideas, opinions, sensations and emotions. If you liked this rotating be ready to find its contents inside our next issue. We would like to close this experience in Barcelona with some pictures to emphasize the beauty of the city and its inhabitants.


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BarcelonaSchermata 03-2457113 alle 21.43.59Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.41.34Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.41.52Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.43.42Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.43.32Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.43.25Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.45.46Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.42.08Schermata 03-2457113 alle 21.42.55

Bye Bye BarcelonaSchermata 03-2457113 alle 21.45.57Bye Bye Barcelona

All pictures by Giulia Fioravera and Giulio Pocobelli