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Teresa Baena profile
Design Writer
Location Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain
SchoolELISAVA, Barcelona
I am a design student based in Barcelona and born in Madrid. When I started my degree at "Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny" I didn't know anything about colour, light, software, textures, computers or even USBs, but after four hard-working years I have developed lots of skills as a designer. Now I can afford all types of projects. I can not define myself by one type of design or other discipline, instead my flexible mind and versatile life tells me that when it comes to good ideas all sorts of tools are welcome. I believe I can create impact through design, specially through ephermal installations where people can interact with things. But also through any kind of product able to express and create emotions. I have a special weakness for craftsman trade and my experience has taught me that it is the work done with more passion and love. Music is my other soft spot and now, during my last months before getting my degree in design I realise singing is the best way to put together creativity, passion and sensibility. I feel the world has too much I still have to discover and I am looking forward to start a new trip. When I am far away from home, I try to be part of the people and places where I am, the best part of being abroad or travelling without a clear destination is to exchange values and experiences with the people you get to meet. This is what fascinates me about the 3nta project, to be part of a huge network of people from different cultures who is happy to share meaningful thoughts.

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