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Simone Costa profile
Architecture Writer
LocationDelft, Netherlands
SchoolTU Delft, Delft
Born in Venaria Reale, I grew up shuttling with Turin, where I first attended C. Cattaneo Scientific High School and afterwards joined the Ist Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic School. I successfully completed the bachelor in Science of Architecture, with a thesis over the possible relation between the creative design of the public space and the possible sustainability policies of contemporary endangered cities. I moved to the Netherland in search of more challenging experiences: I actually believe that Architecture in itself is all about challenges. A tangible tension between the “it is”, the “it was” or the “could be”. A perspective based on the observation and the very understanding of the relations, the dynamics and the layers that define an “urban/non-urban artefact”. Or maybe just an excuse to travel, and silently observe, stare and be fascinated by the world around me.

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