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Santiago Jimenez profile
Rotating Editor Alcalá
LocationAlcalá de Henares, Spain
SchoolEscuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Alcalá de Henares (ETSAUAH)
We live in a world that tends to become more liquid. The fluidity that provides Internet blurs the distances and differences in models such as the social, economic, professional,etc. So the barriers between work and hobbies such break, being able to reconcile what we love and make it a way of life. We can be working from our holidays place or traveling, to combine family and professional life, have a meeting "face to face" from the top of a mountain with our smartphone with 4G connection. So the model of architect today, my way of lifestyle is not limited to traditional builder it would be more like a maker, with multidisciplinary capacity: Architecture and Urbanism, yes, but also entrepreneurship, technology, design , sustainability, innovation, business.. focused from the user experience to achieve quality products and efficiency. Spanish, 22 years. Architect of life, entrepreneur, this is me.

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