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Graphic Designer
LocationNovara, Italy
SchoolStill High School!
Hey guys! I’m Nicola and I’m a new entry in the graphic team. I live in a little town in the north of Italy called Serravalle Sesia and I’m currently at the last year of high school where I study art and design. I’ve done swimming for years, and I’ve loved it, but few months ago I’ve stopped for improve my study and for follow what I’d really like to do, and hope to do, in my future. I’ve always loved photography, art and design and I always tried to make interesting and fascinating works and thanks to my school I had the possibility to get in touch with different form and ways of art, which gave me the ability to learn fast and almost do everything. What I like of my works are those little, and maybe also banal, things that when you change point of view, turned up side down, and show you how easy really is find interesting and beautiful details. My favorite kind of photography is for sure the reportage. I like to catch that moment ! When the subject doesn’t know that i’m there, stealing faces and emotion that usually we try to hide. From the first moment that I’ve heard about 3nta I’ve been interested and informing I've found out what it is, and I was glad to have found somewhere I can express myself doing what I like and what makes me happy.

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