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Luca Baldini profile
Design Writer
LocationDelft, Netherlands
SchoolTU Delft, Delft
It is hard to explain who you are. Isn’t it? However, to some extent we all have to do so. When we are looking for a job, when we find someone that we like, during our studies with our mentors and professors. Or when it happens that you write for a magazine. Then, here I am. Strategic Product Designer, Italian, 24 years. Let's break this description down. I am Italian, I did not chose it, but I am happy with it; I am 24, which is just a temporary status and it cannot define who I really am. Finally (or to start with), I am a designer deeply inspired by Design Thinking. We do not only communicate with words, we do it also with images and visuals. Everybody does it. Everybody can be a designer. With 3NTA, we can explain why. Design goes from tackling the biggest challenges of contemporary to simply enriching our life with beauty. So take some time to see what an Italian designer, living in Delft, think of this field.

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