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Architecture Writer
LocationLondon, UK
SchoolUCL The Bartlett School of Architecture, London
Graduated with a BArch at the American University in Dubai and received a 1st place award at the thesis senior showcase, I am currently studying an MA in Architecture and Historic Urban Environments at UCL The Bartlett School of Architecture with hopes of pursuing a master’s degree in Archaeology as well. My primary interests in architecture focuses on its relation and contextual relevance with historical urban fabrics, sensitive archaeological grounds as well contested sites and conflict zones. My inspiration draws from the works of Kisho Kurokawa, Bernard Khoury, and Constant Nieuwenhuys and my travels between Dubai, Beirut and London. I believe that architects today have a greater responsibility in challenging issues regarding the rise of urban identity crises due to widespread “cookie-cutter” solutions. In addition to my architectural aspirations, I am deeply interested in dystopian literature, numismatics, antiquities, archaeology and gaming.

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