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Design Writer
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
SchoolJEPU, Ústí Nad Labem
Originally from Prague, I am currently studying Ceramic Design at the Faculty of Art and Design, JEPU in Ústí nad Labem. What I enjoy the most about my studies is the possibility of meeting very talented people and the fact that I can research within a wide range of fields that are not directly related to design. When sitting at a cafe I lift up my saucer or cup just to wonder and try to find out in my mind which pottery or porcelain factory this piece comes from. So ... yes, I believe that small and insignificant things make our lives more real... That is where my inspiration comes from. When I was an exchange student in Finland one and half years ago, I finally realised that our country is just a small, but very lovely, spot on the globe and so I am going to report you from that spot as I liked the idea of sharing information between students and 'being local and international at the same time' as 3nta is supposed to be.

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