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Graphic Editor
LocationNovara, Italy
SchoolStill High School!
I'm Giuseppe Laguzzi, but everybody calls me Beppe. Feel free to call me as you prefer ! I am part of the graphic team as Graphic Director and mostly I try to expand 3nta sharing it to friends and people all over the world. I live near Novara (Piemonte-Italy) in a town not very interesting, where good things and good people are hard to find. This gave me a lot of time to focus on what I really like: the beauty, and fortunately it's everywhere! I'm currently studying at Liceo Classico and I can't wait to finish! I've worked in different video, photography and graphic projects where I've learned from many people and improved my skills. From 3nta I expect a new way of sharing. An ideas sharing! Meant as a place where you can find great ideas from the new generation! And I love the fact that it can be possible for everyone to express their thoughts though their work.

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