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Design Editor
LocationBerlin, Germany
SchoolI.S.I.A. Roma Design, Rome
Hi, I am Giulia Fioravera! Bachelor in Industrial design at ISIA Roma/ Ex Graphic designer at Eat, Sleep + Design GmbH, Berlin I left Italy almost two years ago and I moved to Berlin where I started working as Graphic designer. Since I arrived I have never had any free time for holidays…so what I really need at the moment is to make a journey! In my immediate future, I would like to apply for a M.A. in 'design writing and curating' in order to achieve a 360° design personality. Huge dream! I travelled a lot and I lived in different countries; this is something that really enriched my personal experience. I get inspired by what is around me, so I love dynamic cities and dynamic people. I have to admit that, beside the fact that I liked to do my job, I got a bit tired of satisfying clients requirements…So 3NTA became my occasion to be my own client. I can express my taste and my opinion and I can freely share my ideas. I have been part of the team since the beginning and I enjoyed this experience at fist as a graphic designer and later as Art director. Recently I started writing articles and I became the new Design Editor. 3NTA website can, in my opinion, expand people's chances to show their projects and attract the attention of who it make concern. I also believe that we cannot change the world but we can describe it and share our opinion about it and 3NTA seems a good opportunity for that.

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