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Giulia Bassi profile
Rotating Editor Rome
LocationRome, Italy
SchoolUniversity of RomaTre, Rome
The city I come from is easy to guess, because a man with my same name, but a lot smarter than me, used to live there and also conquered Europe creating an Empire. In this same city, Rome, I took my studies and graduated cum laude in architecture in March 2015. Graduation gave me back a lot of time to get back to "normal" things (sleeping, dieting etc etc)...Still, I think architecture left a permanent virus inside me: everything has become inspiring, my eyes have changed: they don't see anymore, they started observing the context where human beings live and searching for beauty and for solutions that involve constructions' and voids' shape, social life, environment, perception...people. That's what being an architect means to me. And is always so: from morning's coffe to night's tea. I'm intersted in theory of space, urban design and landscape architecture and I took 3nta as a chance to spread my interests around trought the quality of the chosen projects. I work as a teacher assistant at univerisity in a open spaces' design course, and I'm now a trainee at Seste Engeneering&AeP studio.

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