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Copy Editor
LocationLos Angeles, California
SchoolUniversity of Southern California
An LA native but New Yorker at heart, I'm currently in my fifth year of architecture school at the University of Southern California. I've wanted to be an architect since the age of seven, and my passion for design has since grown just as much as I have (literally and figuratively). I've worked at small and large architecture firms and realized that change and innovation comes from the underdog-though they may have smaller manpower, they have heart and passion like no other. I absolutely love music. There is no greater feeling than going to a concert and experiencing a venue come to life through performance. I am a strong believer in the experiential and sensorial effects of design- I believe that the energy a musician can bring to the stage is what designers should emulate in creating interactive and unforgettable environments. 3NTA is my underdog and it's going to bring students from around the world together under a shared love for design.

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