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Design Writer
LocationAthens, Greece
SchoolTU Delft, Delft
I am currently a “newie” within 3nta’s family, though fully excited to be one of the design authors! Born and raised in Athens, one of the world’s oldest and probably sunniest cities and capital of Greece, I was always highly motivated by whatever enclosed some kind of art, either that was painting, playing music or dancing. My earliest memories are filled with sketches and watercolours of things I found interesting to visualize. Since then my life was shaped around creative arts. My bachelor degree, upon the field of Product and System Design Engineering, served as the gateway for exploring an early career in design and helped me to solidify my area of professional interest. Currently, I am attending a MSc course in Strategic Product Design at Technical University of Delft and I am experiencing life in the Netherlands. As a new designer I tend to respect the existing and have passion for the undiscovered. I love sketching and drawing and I am mostly fond of travelling and so I count several stays in London and many trips around Europe, Africa and South Arabia. I derive inspiration from many sources either that is everyday facts, memories of the past, new experiences, posts found on the Internet, books, music, self-thinking but firstly and mainly through the people themselves. The diversity existing between our kind and our needs can give birth to millions of ideas. As for my vision within 3nta, I would say that there is no greater thing than a community opening its doors and embracing you in, while offering you the chance to grow and flourish under its support and guidance. Especially in the creative field of design there is little room for doubt that a person can produce better or more ideas while working together with other creative minds. 3enta stands as a young, strong and gleaming family that can give to its members the chance to create individually as well as in common while enjoying the journey, and that's what I intend to do ;)

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