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Anna Rizou profile
Rotating Editor Athens
LocationAthens, Greece
SchoolNational technical University of Athens
I was born under the sign of Taurus in Athens,1991. In 2009 I entered the National Technical University of Athens School of Architecture, from which I still have not found the way out, in terms of graduation. Ever since, I have participated in international workshops, competitions, art expositions and conferences, in search of people and places that bear the same cross of architecture. In the same pursuit, I have occasionally been involved in architectural related organizations that promote and diffuse student's works. I have been an exchange student at Escola Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura del Valles of the Technical University of Barcelona[2014]. Since 2014 I have been part of the team of CODA BarcelonaTech, where I entered the world of computational design, digital fabrication and investigation on material elastic properties. While working on my diploma project for my MArch in Athens, I am currently balancing between national architectural identities and heritage and international non-local tendencies in architectural technologies. contact:

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