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Angela Meireles profile
Rotating Editor Porto
LocationPorto, Portugal
SchoolFAUP, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto
I was born in 1992 in Paredes, a small town which is 30 km away from Porto. In my pre-university education I chose the course of visual arts in high school that allowed me to enter in 2010 in FAUP to study architecture. One of my strongest characteristics is the wish to challenge myself and to seek more opportunities. For this reason in the last two years I went on an adventure abroad and out of my comfort zone. In 2014 I joined the Accademia di Architettura della Università della Svizerra Italiana, in Mendrisio, Switzerland, as an Erasmus student. The contact with new people, different ways of thinking about architecture and various theoretical disciplines related to other artistic areas such as writing, film and photograph were undoubtedly experiences that fueled my curiosity and interest that early in my life I had for art in general. Soon after this Erasmus experience, I moved to Zurich where I was from June to December 2015 in an academic internship in the studio SAM Architekten. It was during this period that it was proposed to me to integrate Rotating Editor of Porto. For me it was again a challenge which allowed me to revisit my city although being away from it. The knowledge gained by experience not only academic but also of life through the knowledge of different environments, landscapes, cultures and ways of doing and thinking, gives me a greater critical openness to revisit my origins and think about them. In fact, in my first year of architecture, the project design teacher and Portuguese architect José Manuel Soares once said "A good architect has to know much more than architecture." Presently, I am living again in Porto and working on my master's thesis in architecture.

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