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Architecture Writer
LocationDelft, Netherlands
SchoolTU Delft, Delft
I’m Aga, a part of the 3NTA editors team, currently studying architecture at the Technical University of Delft. Before the urge to know more brought me to the country of tulips and windmills, I received my bachelor’s degree at Cracow’s University of Technology, learnt about Portuguese heritage and contemporary culture during my study exchange in Lisbon and experienced biking in the busy traffic of Copenhagen’s bike lanes while working at the architectural office there. The city is something that truly inspires me. It’s socio-spatial complexity, rush and flow of people and ideas stimulate me and trigger my thinking. Visiting new places, I often find myself in the position of an outsider, which allows me, with a distant perspective, to observe and experience the constantly changing cycles of life of the urban environment. Loaded with creative energy, 3NTA is a tool for sharing fascinations and thoughts of students coming from all around the world. It’s exciting to be a part of it, to be able to contribute and draw from this inspiring collection.

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