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Hugo Sobrosa profile
Rotating Editor Porto
LocationViana do Castelo, Portugal
SchoolFAUP, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto
Hello! I am Hugo Sobrosa and I’m writing from my hometown, a really small village in the countryside, Northern Portugal. The window in front of me frames a green landscape and a bit of Spain in the other margin of the nearby Minho River. I was born here, but nowadays I moved to the bigger city - Porto - where I became a student in the Faculdade de Arquitectura Universidade do Porto (FAUP) in 2010. Since then, I started to improve my relationship with architecture and expand my perspective, aspiring to be an architect. In the 5th year of the course, I spent one year abroad in an exchange program in Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Chile. Then, I had the joy of travelling across South America and met a contrasting reality from what I'm used to in Portugal. Currently, I’m back at Porto doing my master thesis (a rehabilitation of an old ruin). I’m looking forward to finishing my years as a student and face the real world. I don’t know what the future reserves to me but I’m totally ready for the next challenge, or even just the next trip... And as you all know best, we can get inspired everywhere – just keep your eyes wide open.

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