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LocationMount Olympus, Greece
(The new) 3nta in 10 points: 1. 3NTA is an online magazine, with the aim of giving to students' projects and ideas the dignity they deserve. 2. 3NTA doesn't pretend to be young. It believes that a designer at the age of 40 is not a young designer. It is just a designer. 3NTA is really young and it enjoys the privilege of being naive. 3. 3NTA doesn't ask for your mark. It considers “interesting” its only value. For 3NTA there is no “good” or “bad” in intellectual works. 4. 3NTA is international and local at the same time. With the role of the rotating editor it proposes local points of view in an international way. 5. 3NTA is neither serious nor friendly. It is seriously friendly because it believes that communication requires effort and innovation , also in architecture and design. 6. 3NTA is not a random name. There is a very long story about it. Maybe one day we will tell you more. Maybe not. 7. 3NTA doesn't know if it is going to last forever. We first wanted to give an end to 3nta, then we realized a beginning was more than enough. 8. 3NTA is quoting SAN ROCCO with these manifesto. If you don't know SAN ROCCO, is enough to know that it is a very cool architecture magazine, but 3NTA is much cooler. 9. 3NTA realized too late that the points are just 9. Unfortunately 3NTA is made by people and people make mistakes all the time. Students more than professionals. Therefore 3NTA is wrong on everything it says and it loves it. 10.

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